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    2.5 Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officers

    Because of the need to coordinate the Cabinet-related activities of all agencies, the Cabinet Secretariat is supported by a network of officers across departments who assist in the effective functioning and operations of Cabinet (including Cabinet related functions such as Cabinet Committees and Community Cabinet), Executive Council, legislative and parliamentary systems.

    These Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officers (CLLOs) are senior public servants employed by each department who are individually responsible to the Chief Executive Officers and through them, to the relevant Ministers.

    The CLLOs are required to:

    • manage the Cabinet and legislative functions of the department in an effective manner through the provision of advice on Cabinet and Parliamentary procedures and processes, coordination of the department's Cabinet business and legislative program, and the conduct of training on departmental Cabinet procedures;
    • review and critically evaluate, Cabinet submissions and briefing notes to ensure quality, relevance and appropriateness and that such documents have been developed in accordance with government guidelines;
    • communicate decisions arising from Cabinet and Cabinet Committee meetings to relevant departmental officers in accordance with government guidelines, and monitor the agency's implementation of those decisions;
    • coordinate and provide policy advice and options on matters relating to executive government, Cabinet, Parliament, and public administration issues; and
    • coordinate and provide executive services support to the Chief Executive Officer, and where appropriate, the Minister, on Cabinet and Parliamentary proposals.

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