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    7.1 Enabling legislation

    In the case of a Government Board established by legislation, specific statutory responsibilities are set out in its enabling legislation.

    Example: South Bank Corporation established by the South Bank Corporation Act 1989

    Section 24 Objects

    The corporation's objects are:

    1. to promote, facilitate, carry out and control the development, disposal and management of land and other property within the corporation area
    2. to achieve an appropriate balance between the corporation's commercial and non-commercial functions
    3. to ensure the corporation area complements, rather than duplicates, other public use sites in the inner city Brisbane area
    4. to provide for a diverse range of recreational, cultural and educational pursuits for local, regional and international visitors
    5. to accommodate public events and entertainment that benefit the general community
    6. to achieve excellence and innovation in the management of open space and park areas.

    Subordinate legislation (such as regulations, by-laws, ordinances, rules) may also set out members’ responsibilities.

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