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    Welcome Aboard - Introduction

    Welcome Aboard: A guide for members of Government Boards, committees and statutory authorities is about the role of these bodies and he responsibilities of those who serve the community as Government Board members. It also gives details about how such bodies are established. Throughout this document, Boards, Committees and Statutory Authorities are collectively referred to as Government Boards. any different names are given to Government Boards including board, commission, authority, trust, tribunal, committee and council.

    Welcome Aboard will be invaluable for:

    • current and intending Government Board members
    • officials involved in selection and appointment of new members
    • people interested in how government operates.

    Welcome Aboard is available online to allow access by a wider audience. Frequent users will also value the hyperlinks within the electronic ext, allowing swift movement to related topics.

    Welcome Aboard is part of the Governing Queensland suite of handbooks that provides information about:

    • the role of Cabinet and the Executive Council
    • the roles and responsibilities of Ministers and ministerial staff
    • the processes of drafting and approving laws.

    Welcome Aboard deals with the obligations of persons involved in the good corporate governance of Government Boards.

    The State Affairs branch of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has expertise in the process of selection and appointment of Government Board members. In this regard, State Affairs:

    • supports the Premier in making appointments within the portfolio of the Premier and Cabinet
    • briefs the Premier on all ‘significant appointment’ Cabinet submissions
    • administers the Queensland Register of Appointees to Government Bodies which is accessible online
    • administers the Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies (on which all Queenslanders are invited to register their interest in being considered for appointment to Government Boards)
    • provides secretariat support to the Executive Council of Queensland, which considers appointments to Government Boards where Governor in Council approval is required.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    2 August, 2010