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    8.1 Role and responsibilities

    Where public service employees are members of Government Boards either as the Minister's or Chief Executive's nominee or in an ex officio capacity, it is necessary to carefully determine and document their role on the Government Board as a government representative and the reporting relationship with the responsible Minister. This should occur in consultation with the Minister, prior to commencing the term of office.

    A public service employee's role might include acting as a conduit to the Minister concerning the Government Board and its affairs and representing the government's position in relation to matters being considered.

    A public service employee should ensure that the Minister is regularly informed of matters before the Government Board (e.g. by providing an agenda to the Minister before a meeting) and provide advice to the Minister on the Government Board's recommendations.

    When appointed to a Government Board in an official capacity, the public service employee should be aware of the government's policy imperatives and should not present a personal opinion or position that is contrary to either the Minister's directives or the government's policy agenda.

    This principle applies equally to public service employees representing the government on inter-jurisdictional or Australian Government bodies.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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    29 July, 2010