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    4.2 Government Board Composition

    If the government is to rely on the decisions made or advice given by Government Boards, it is critical that people with the appropriate skills and experience are appointed. Ideally, a Government Board will have a diverse set of members with a blend of expertise, experience and a range of perspectives. The selection process should be merit based, as inclusive as possible and commence with a Government Board member specification.

    A government policy aim is that 50% of new appointments to Government Boards should, where possible, be women, in support of the Women on Boards strategy1.

    The State Affairs branch of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet maintains the Queensland Register of Nominees to Government Bodies (the Register). The Register provides Queenslanders with an opportunity to express their interest in being nominated for appointment to a Government Board. Nomination to the Register is by application.

    Government departments are required to request a search of the Register when they are in the process of establishing a new Government Board or are going through an appointment or reappointment process in respect of an existing Government Board. The Register is able to be searched by a range of factors, including specific skills, age, gender and/or cultural background as required. State Affairs advises the Office for Women2 and Multicultural Affairs Queensland3 of relevant nominees. Where specific challenges are identified in sourcing nominees from particular under-represented sections of the community, government departments should consult with relevant government offices ( e.g., the Office for Women and Multicultural Affairs Queensland) early in the appointment process to ensure that any advice is able to be utilised effectively.

    Consultation with the Register should occur early in the appointment process to ensure that sufficient time exists to consider the information provided in full.

    1. The Women on Boards strategy is managed by the Office for Women, Department of Communities, and can be accessed at
    2. A branch of the Department of Communities.
    3. A branch of the Department of Communities.

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