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    4. Selection and recruitment

    The following provides a general guide to selecting members for Government Boards1. It does not cover specific recruitment requirements such as advertising which are often unique to particular positions. Similarly, it does not cover requirements for appointment by the Governor in Council. Government departments are responsible for preparing all documentation (Cabinet Submissions and Executive Council Minutes) in this regard.

    When establishing a Government Board or filling a government board vacancy, government departments consider a number of elements when identifying potential candidates, including:

    • Government priorities
    • Government Board composition
    • statutory requirements
    • member skills and attributes
    • member expertise.

    In establishing a Government Board, setting terms of appointment or dealing with vacancies arising from the expiry of a member's term, government departments may also consider the benefits of changes to a Government Board's composition over time and the number of terms for which members can be appointed2. Government departments may also consider a staggered process for the terms of Government Board appointments to allow changes in Government Board membership while providing continuity and retaining corporate knowledge.

    1. The procedures for selection and recruitment of Board members to Government Owned Corporations (GOCs) are defined under the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993. The Office of Government Owned Corporations, Queensland Treasury, should be consulted for recruitment and selection advice specific to GOCs.
    2. In some cases, enabling legislation specifies a maximum number of terms for appointments.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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