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    2.1 Functions

    A broad distinction can be drawn between those Government Boards which provide governance (i.e. direction and control) and those which provide policy and management advice. The functions and general powers of a Board are usually set out in the enabling legislation (the Queensland Act of Parliament which establishes the entity).

    Example: Radiation Advisory Council established under the Radiation Safety Act 1999

    Section 161 Establishment of council

    The Radiation Advisory Council is established.

    Section 162 Functions of council

    1. The council has the following functions:
      1. examining, and making recommendations to the Minister about, the following-
        1. the operation and application of this Act
        2. proposed amendments of this Act
        3. radiation safety standards
        4. issues relating to radiation
        5. research into radiation practices carried out, and the transport of radioactive materials, in the state
      2. advising the chief executive about the merits of an application for review of an original decision made under [another part of the Act]
      3. overseeing the operation of the council's committees.
    2. If asked by the Minister, the council must give the Minister a written report about the performance of its functions.

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