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    Attachment 1 - Resources

    Australian Institute of Company Directors
    Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers. 19th Ed., Professor Bob Baxt, 2009
    A complete listing of AICD publications is available at

    Australian National Audit Office
    Public Sector Governance: Strengthening performance trhough good governance, 26 June 2014

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland
    Remuneration procedures for part-time Chairs and Members of Queensland Government bodies1

    1. Available online at:

    Department of Public Works, Queensland
    Department of Housing and Public Works, Queensland—Queensland Government Air Travel Policy

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, New South Wales
    An Introduction to Board and Committee Membership, April 2008

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland
    Agency Planning Requirements (published on an annual basis)

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland
    Annual Report Requirements for Queensland Government Agencies (published on an annual basis)

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland
    Code of Conduct, November 2009

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Governing Queensland Suite of Publications

    • Cabinet Handbook
    • Executive Council Handbook
    • Legislation Handbook
    • Ministerial Handbook
    • Parliamentary Procedures Handbook
    • Welcome Aboard: A guide for members of Queensland Government Boards, committees and statutory authorities

    Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia
    Board and Committees: Policy, guidelines and forms

    Dunphy, B
    Misfeasance in Public Office: Liability for Public Administrators, March 1999

    Office of the Auditor General, Western Australia
    Roles and Responsibilities of Members of Governing Bodies of State Government Agencies, February 1997

    Public Sector Commission, Western Australia
    Principles of Good Corporate Governance for Western Australian Public Sector Boards and Committees, November 2009


    Public Service Commission, Queensland
    Queensland Government Indemnity Guideline

    Public Service Commission, Queensland
    Policies and guidelines relevant to the public sector (some of which may be applicable to Government Boards)

    Queensland Audit Office
    Checklist for CEOs, Boards and Accountable Officers, prior to signing financial statements, April 1996

    State Services Authority, Victoria
    Welcome to the Board: Introduction to the good practice guide on governance for Victorian public sector entities, 2006

    The Audit Office of New South Wales
    On board: guide to better practice for public sector governing and advisory boards, April 1998

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