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    The principal decision making body of the government. It comprises all Ministers and its decisions are given formal effect through Acts of Parliament, actions of the Executive Council or the executive powers held by Ministers for the administration of their portfolio.

    Enabling Legislation

    The act of Parliament that establishes an agency.

    Executive Council

    Executive Council is not a deliberative body and is comprised of the same persons who comprise the Ministry and Cabinet. The Executive Council exists to advise the Governor on the exercise of the powers of the Governor in Council. The Governor is not a member of the Executive Council. Administrative action under numerous Acts, such as appointments, making regulations and by-laws, and approving financial deeds of agreement can only be carried out by the Governor in Council.


    A fiduciary relationship is a relationship between a person in a position of special power and responsibility (the fiduciary) and the person for whose benefit the fiduciary acts.

    Government Board

    Includes Queensland Government boards, committees and statutory authorities.

    Governor in Council

    The Governor acting with the advice of the Executive Council.

    Government Agency

    A department, local government or public authority.

    Government Owned Corporation (GOC)

    A GOC is a government entity that is established as a body corporate under an act or the Corporations Law and declared by regulation to be a GOC in accordance with the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993.

    Public Sector Employee

    (For the purposes of the Procedures on the Remuneration of Part-Time Chairs and Members of Government Boards, Committees and Statutory Authorities) -

    Full-time or part-time employees of:

    • federal, state or local governments
    • federal or state semi-government organisations,

    including statutory authorities, state and local Government Owned Corporations and colleges

    • members of any Parliament within Australia and elected full-time local government representatives
    • judges, magistrates and other judicial and quasijudicial officers.

    Paid officials or employees of universities are not included within the definition of public sector employees.

    Public Service Employee1

    1. A person is a public service employee if the person is employed under the Public Service Act 2008 as—
      1. a public service officer; or
      2. a general employee; or
      3. a temporary employee.
    2. Public service employees are employees for the Industrial Relations Act 1999.
    3. Subsection (2) is subject to Sections 215(3) and 218.

    Notes –

    1. Section 215(3) excludes the jurisdiction of the IRC for decisions against which a person has appealed to the commission chief executive.
    2. Section 218 excludes particular matters from the concept of industrial matter.

    Gazette (Queensland Government Gazette)

    A weekly document published by the Queensland Government Bookshop detailing such matters as amendments to local laws and planning schemes, vacancies in the Queensland State Public Service and appointments, appointments as Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declaration, removal of medical practitioners from the Register of Medical Practitioners, Bills of Parliament that have received assent, notification of subordinate legislation, wills and intestate notices and applications for liquor licences or extended hours.

    Shareholding Ministers

    The Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 provides for GOCs to have two shareholding Ministers; the GOC Minister (the Treasurer) and the portfolio Minister (e.g., in the case of a transport GOC, the Minister for Transport).

    Statutory Authority

    An entity established under an Act and which includes, or whose governing body includes, at least one member who is appointed under an Act, by a Minister, or by the Governor in Council.

    Statutory Body

    An entity established under an Act, which has control of funds, and which includes, or whose governing body includes, at least one member who is appointed under an Act, by a Minister, or by the Governor in Council.

    1. Section 9 Public Service Act 2008

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