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    8.5 Aggregation of Minutes and grouping of similar matters

    When aggregation is required.

    Departments are asked as far as possible to limit the number of items of business proposed for consideration by the Executive Council.

    Transactions proposed by a Department for a single meeting of the Executive Council, and which are authorised by the same Act, should be aggregated in the one Minute. The individual transactions requiring approval should be presented in an alphanumeric list (see Appendices 20-32). If there is insufficient space available, additional detail may be provided in Schedules accompanying the Minute.

    Separate Explanatory Memoranda can be provided for aggregated Minutes.

    Departments may provide separate Explanatory Memoranda for the individual transactions in an aggregated Minute (see 8.6). It should be noted that individual transactions covered by a separate Explanatory Memorandum may be withdrawn without compromising the integrity of the remaining items in a Minute (see 6.5 and 6.6).

    Minutes proposing similar actions intended for the one meeting and which are authorised by two or more Acts should also be grouped in the one Minute. Such matters which might easily be combined could include a series of minor and similar amendments to town plans of different local authorities, or routine adjustments to the remuneration of a number of statutory bodies.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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