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    6.6 Partial withdrawal of a Minute listed on the schedule which is considered at Cabinet

    In the case of aggregated Minutes (see 8.5 below), a sponsoring Minister may withdraw part of a Minute proposing a number of actions if that part is covered by a discrete Explanatory Memorandum. Normally the part sought to be withdrawn will be an entire schedule or other enclosure. No more than one Explanatory Memorandum should cover a single schedule or other enclosure.

    The responsible Minister must initiate a withdrawal of a Minute at Cabinet.

    Withdrawal of part of a Minute should be effected by the sponsoring Minister at the Cabinet meeting at which it is considered. Sponsoring agencies should advise the Executive Council Secretariat as soon as they become aware that a partial withdrawal will be necessary. The Secretariat and Minister should be supplied with a copy of the affected Minute cover showing the part(s) to be withdrawn scored through. The Secretariat and the Minister should also be provided with a copy of the relevant Explanatory Memorandum and any enclosures affected by the partial withdrawal.

    If part of a Minute is withdrawn at Cabinet, the sponsoring Minister:

    • scores through the part to be withdrawn on the Minute cover (title and text) and initials the scoring; and
    • annotates the inside cover of the Schedule of Minutes 'MINUTE(S) Number(ed) [ ] amended as shown on the Minute cover(s)'.

    A sample Minute showing the required scoring for the withdrawal of a part of a Minute is at Appendix 15 (.doc, 199 KB). The relevant section on the inside cover of the Schedule of Minutes is then signed by the Premier and sponsoring Minister(s).

    The Clerk of the Executive Council will later score through and initial any enclosed schedule displaced by the withdrawn part together with the withdrawn Explanatory Memorandum and associated papers and amend and initial the relevant entry in the Schedule of Minutes.

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