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    6.9 Revoking a Minute

    A revocation terminates the original approval from the date of the revocation.

    Where it is desired to terminate a matter previously approved by the Governor in Council, it is permissible to revoke the whole or part of the original Minute. The effect of a revocation is to terminate the original approval of a matter with application from the date the revocation is approved.

    The recommendation for a revocation Minute must refer to the original Minute number and date of approval and the Explanatory Memorandum must provide reason(s) for the revocation. The revocation of part of a Minute is only possible when the original Minute recommendation was set out in sub-paragraphs.

    A sample revocation Minute is at Appendix 16 (.doc, 48 KB).

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    17 July, 2009