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    6.11 Amending or correcting a Minute

    An amendment or correction can be used to correct only minor errors.

    The amendment or correction of a Minute previously approved by the Governor in Council is permissible in circumstances where the recommendation or schedule to the original Minute has contained an error of a minor nature. An error of a minor nature may include an incorrect date, name reference or a typographical error. The amendment to the original Minute may be corrected in the recommendation or schedule to the new Minute.

    In circumstances where a Minute contains an error(s) not of a minor nature, it may be more appropriate for the original Minute to be rescinded or revoked and replaced with a new Minute.

    A sample Amendment Minute is at Appendix 18 (.doc, 48 KB).

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    17 July, 2009