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    4.4 Executive Council documentation

    Departments maintain copies of their own Executive Council Minutes. The original Minute cover and copies of associated documentation are maintained and archived by the Executive Council Secretariat.

    Requests for access to Executive Council Minutes should be made to the Clerk of the Executive Council including requests for records held by Queensland State Archives. However, it should be noted that if a Department requires a previous Executive Council Minute prepared by another Department, the requesting Department must first gain the consent of the Department that lodged the Executive Council Minute prior to contacting the Executive Council Secretariat.

    Section 48 of the Right to Information Act 2009 provides that documents and information brought into existence for the purpose of Executive Council are exempt from release under the Act. Section 16 of the Public Records Act 2002 establishes a restricted access period of 30 years for Executive Council matter (see also 6.17).

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    10 October, 2012