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    8.2 Executive Council Minutes

    Matters requiring approval by the Governor in Council are submitted in the form of a Minute which comprises a recommendation from the Executive Council to the Governor. When approved, the Minute becomes the official record of the decision taken.

    To accompany each Minute, the Department must provide an Explanatory Memorandum (see 8.6 below) together with any other necessary documentation, for example, subordinate legislation or, in the case of an appointment, a Curriculum Vitae. All documentation must be submitted in duplicate on archival quality paper (see 8.7).

    Subordinate legislation (other than exempt subordinate legislation) must be produced in accordance with the requirements contained in the Queensland Cabinet Handbook and must be drafted by the OQPC. Additional documentation produced for subordinate legislation, such as Compliance Certificates, Explanatory Notes, Human Rights Certificates and Regulatory Impact Statements, must also be included with the relevant Executive Council Minute.

    Executive Council Minutes must be complete when forwarded to the Executive Council Secretariat. The Secretariat will not accept Minutes which are incomplete in terms of the final requisite documents e.g. initialled Minute cover and Schedule, signed Explanatory Memoranda and certified copies of subordinate legislation.

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    Last updated:
    2 January, 2020
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