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    4.7 Cabinet Legislation Liaison Officers

    Generally, the Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officer (CLLO) is the officer in each Department responsible for the flow of all matters from the relevant Department or statutory body to the Executive Council Secretariat (as well as to the Cabinet Secretariat). This responsibility includes quality control over papers submitted for Executive Council consideration.

    In relation to Executive Council matters the CLLO is to:

    • ensure that, where required, prior Cabinet approvals have been obtained (see 5.1 below);
    • ensure that proposed Executive Council documents are prepared in accordance with the appropriate legislative requirements;
    • provide a point of contact for the Clerk of the Executive Council on all Executive Council matters;
    • communicate details of matters approved by the Governor in Council to appropriate officers in the Department and portfolio agencies;
    • ensure that all documents prepared for Executive Council comply with format requirements;
    • maintain a complete record of Executive Council Minutes for the Department;
    • ensure safe storage and confidentiality of Executive Council documents; and
    • co-ordinate any Departmental requests for advice on Executive Council matters including requests for certified copies of Executive Council Minutes.

    The Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officer is the key Departmental officer in ensuring the quality and timeliness of a Department's Executive Council business.

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