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    3.4 Special meetings

    On some occasions urgency may require that a matter be considered before the next scheduled meeting of the Executive Council. In such cases, the relevant Minister must consult with the Premier to obtain agreement to seek the approval of the Governor for a special meeting to be held. All Minutes submitted to a special meeting require the Premier's initials on the Minute cover as well as that of the sponsoring Minister.

    Subject to the Premier's agreement the Minister should then seek the approval of the Governor to summon a special meeting of the Executive Council. The Governor should be informed of the reasons for the urgency. This advice should be confirmed by fax to the Governor (Government House fax (07) 3858 5701).

    Special meetings should only be considered for urgent matters.

    If the Governor approves the special meeting, the Minister's Office then must advise the Executive Council Secretariat of the time when the special meeting will take place. The relevant Executive Council Minute(s) should be delivered to the Premier's Office (to obtain the Premier's initials) and then to the Executive Council Secretariat without delay for processing.

    The sponsoring Minister and at least one other member of the Executive Council (attendance having been arranged by the sponsoring Minister) are required to attend the special meeting which would normally be held at Government House. The Clerk of the Executive Council also attends.

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