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    6.4 Late Minutes

    A late Minute is an Executive Council Minute which, because of time constraints, is required to be submitted to the Governor in Council for consideration at a normal Thursday meeting of the Council without having been included on the Schedule of Minutes considered by Cabinet on the Monday.

    Minutes not on the original Schedule will only be considered by the Executive Council with the approval of the Premier. Only in circumstances where genuine, unforeseen, urgent matters of State arise, should the submission of late Minutes be considered.

    A Minister wishing to submit a late Minute prepared after Cabinet has met must obtain the approval of the Premier to do so. A written request for approval should be submitted to the Premier stating the reasons for urgency. In addition, concurrent verbal advice is to be given to the Premier or the Premier's Chief of Staff advising of the proposed late Minute and again stating the reasons for its urgency. The Executive Council Secretariat should be kept informed of any proposed late Minutes. (Telephone 322 58254)

    The Minute must be initialled by both the sponsoring Minister and the Premier if it is to be considered at the Executive Council meeting.

    It is preferable for a Minister lodging a late Minute to attend the Executive Council meeting on the Thursday where the Minister will be expected to explain the reasons for urgency of the late Minute to the Governor.

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