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    3.11 Public Report of Ministerial Office Expenses

    The Financial Accountability Act 2009 (part 2, division 2, section 12 Report of Ministerial Office Expenses, refers) requires that on a six monthly basis, a report of expenditure for each ministerial office, in summary format, is tabled in Parliament by the Premier. Expenses include costs for the Minister and staff, and office which is shown separately.

    These reports will be due for tabling within five sitting days after 15 February (mid-year report) and by 31 August (end of year report).

    The report to be tabled following the end of each financial year will be audited and certified by the Queensland Audit Office.


    Ministerial Services will prepare statements as soon as possible after the end of each six monthly period for each Minister and the Premier to review and approve.

    Consolidated reports are to be provided by the Director-General to the Premier by 15 February and 15 August each year.

    A copy of the mid-year report will be provided to the Queensland Audit Office for information.

    In the event of a change of government, the public report for the former Ministerial and former Opposition Offices will be certified by the Director-General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

    An example of the report is shown below.

    Public Report of Ministerial Expenses for
    the Ministerial Portfolio: XXX
    for the period ended xx/xx/xx
    Minister Staff Office Total for Office
    Salaries and Related Payments
    Salary and Employee Expenses 503,638 503,638
    Salary Related Taxes 5,588 67,778 73,366
    Superannuation 50,741 50,741
    Other Employee Expenses 3,171 3,171
    Sub-Total Salaries Costs 5,588 625,328 0 630,917
    Administrative Costs
    Domestic Travel 6,454 11,933 18,387
    Overseas Travel and Official Duties 10,698 10,099 20,797
    Motor Vehicle Running Costs 17,532 10,659 28,190
    Charter Costs     0
    Travel To and From the Electorate   0
    Domestic Official Duties 361   361
    Building Services 2,520 10,130 99,160 111,810
    Communication Charges 3,513 8,932 1,507 13,952
    Information Technology   254 14,513 14,767
    Other Administrative Charges 556 474 6,620 7,649
    Sub-Total Administrative Costs 41,633 52,480 121,800 215,913
    Capital Expenses
    Depreciation 796 1,430 4,869 7,096
    Totals 48,018 679,238 126,669 853,925
    Director, Ministerial Services
    Hon. XXX, MP

    This report format may be changed by the Premier from time to time.

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    27 October, 2017
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