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    3.5 Membership of boards, committees or councils

    Ministers who are asked to perform duties or services for government bodies such as boards, committees or councils should note the following provisions which apply to all Members of the Legislative Assembly.

    Members who perform duties or services for government bodies (e.g. boards, committees, or councils) may receive ‘reasonable expenses’ actually incurred by or for the Member in the course of performing such additional duties or services.

    The Parliament of Queensland Act 2001 limits ‘reasonable expenses’ to accommodation, meals, domestic air travel, taxi fares or public transport charges and motor vehicle hire only.

    Members who receive any fee or reward for the performance of these duties or services in excess of what is reasonable or for categories of expenses outside those listed above are liable to loss of their seat pursuant to the office of profit provisions of the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001.

    Upon becoming aware of such entitlement, Members must, as soon as practicable:

    1. irrevocably waive for all legal purposes any entitlement to fee or reward, beyond the reasonable expenses described above, which are associated with additional benefits associated with the performance of such duties or services (eg. meeting fees);
    2. make the waiver in writing;
    3. present the waiver to the relevant paying authority for the government body concerned; and
    4. provide a copy of the waiver to the Speaker.

    Further details about this issue are available from the Legislative Assembly Offices.

    Additional information is also available in the Governing Queensland Suite of Handbooks - Welcome Aboard - A guide for Members of Queensland Government Boards, Committees and Statutory Authorities.

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    Last updated:
    27 October, 2017
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