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    4.8 Office equipment

    Office equipment for Minister’s offices includes such things as computers, printers, mobile phones, photocopiers, and would normally not include furniture, stationery etc.

    Cost efficiency and administrative effectiveness should be considered when requesting office equipment.

    The Minister’s office is not to give away, transfer, donate, trade in or dispose of any equipment. Surplus equipment must be returned to Ministerial Services.


    Ministerial Services manage the office equipment requirements of ministerial offices. Standard types, levels and amounts of office equipment apply, and items in excess of the standard are only issued if a clear business need exists.

    Purchases of office equipment will be made by Ministerial Services.

    Ministerial Services maintains a register of office equipment as required by the Financial Management Standard. A stocktake of office equipment is undertaken by Ministerial Services in conjunction with the ministerial office at least annually.

    Surplus equipment returned to Ministerial Services will be reassigned or disposed of in line with the Financial Management Standard.

    Maintenance and repairs

    Ministerial offices should organise maintenance and repairs of office equipment through Ministerial Services. Damage to equipment other than normal wear and tear should be reported to Ministerial Services together with brief details of how the damage occurred. These details are required for audit purposes.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    3 April, 2014