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    4.12 Transportation

    4.12.1 Fines

    Ministers and staff must observe traffic regulations (including parking regulations) at all times and any costs incurred through breaches of these regulations are personal costs unless there are exceptional circumstances. Refer to Procedures Manual for use of Government-owned Motor Vehicles.

    4.12.2 Cars

    Cars are provided for official purposes.

    The Office of the Premier coordinates access to a pool vehicle for ministerial office use. Ministers and staff may also use hire cars, as and when required, for official purposes. Ministerial Services is able to assist with the hire of cars.

    All staff are to comply with the Procedures Manual for use of Government-owned Motor Vehicles that is issued with each car.

    Staff members can only use their private vehicles for official purposes where:

    • the vehicle has comprehensive or third party insurance coverage; and
    • the insurance policy has been endorsed to indemnify the State Government against certain liabilities at law. The indemnity must be attached to any request for approval and claims for payment.


    Ministers are provided with a chauffeur and a CEO level car for official purposes. These cars are also available for private use. However, fuel and toll costs when on leave is a personal expense and should not be placed on the fuel card unless the Minister is carrying out work duties.

    Fuel cards for Ministers and Assistant Ministers allow the use of automatic car wash facilities.

    The car must not be used for any commercial or business related purposes, or to display any form of advertising.


    Cars may be provided to senior ministerial staff. The number of cars per office is determined by the Office of the Premier.


    • Ministerial Services will advise the collection point for new vehicles. Remote location collections may only be arranged if there is no additional cost to the public.
    • The maintenance provisions of the lease agreement provides for two (2) replacement tyres. Requests for replacement tyres can be made through Ministerial Services.
    • Ministerial Services provides regular vehicle management reports to offices.

    4.12.3 Taxis

    Cabcharge accounts are provided for official travel by Ministers, Assistant Ministers and staff and are not to be used for trips of a private nature.

    Only Ministers and Assistant Ministers are entitled to hold a Cabcharge card. These cards may be obtained through Ministerial Services.

    Ministerial Services supplies Cabcharge etickets to ministerial offices for use by staff. A register of etickets held in the office should be maintained. Refer to the policy governing taxi usage.

    When a government car has been issued to a staff member, taxis should only be used in exceptional circumstances and a reason provided.

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