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    The Queensland Ministerial Handbook has been developed to assist Ministers, Assistant Ministers and their staff in the running of the Ministerial Office and is designed to act as a single, simple and user friendly reference.

    The Handbook sets out the common policies, practices and procedures to be adopted in Ministerial Offices with respect to financial management, human resource management, provision of accommodation, assets, entertainment, travel, information technology security, and other policy issues relating to the functioning of the Ministerial Office. Ministerial Services will, as is required and with the approval of the Premier, issue amendments and an updated index, to ensure that the Handbook remains current.

    The Handbook does not affect the operations of Electorate Offices or alter any of the Parliamentary entitlements of Ministers as Members of the Legislative Assembly as provided for in the "Members’ Remuneration Handbook" and should be read in conjunction with the Members’ Remuneration Handbook. Where a conflict arises, Ministerial Services should be contacted.

    The Ministerial Handbook does not modify or affect the application of the Criminal Law or the application and requirements of the Financial Accountability Act 2009.

    Ministers and their staff operate in an environment of rigorous accountability and their actions and expenditure are likely to come under close public scrutiny. Further, the public expects and demands the highest standards of ethical behaviour and propriety from Ministers and ministerial staff.

    Ministerial Services, Department of the Premier and Cabinet acts on behalf of the Director-General, as the Accountable Officer, to define predetermined standards, to examine documentation and to seek additional information or explanation where necessary to ensure the highest standards of probity are maintained.

    The Ministerial Handbook is available online at in the Publications section.

    Correspondence relating to the Ministerial Handbook should be addressed to:

    The Director
    Ministerial Services
    Department of the Premier and Cabinet
    PO Box 15185
    CITY EAST QLD 4002

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    Last updated:
    27 March, 2024
    Last reviewed:
    27 March, 2024