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    3.4 Declaration of Interests

    3.4.1 Minister

    Ministers must comply with the requirements of the Register of Members’ Interests, and the Register of Members’ Related Persons Interests, held by the Clerk of the Parliament. Any other pecuniary or other interests of the Minister or Minister’s related persons that might affect the Minister’s responsibilities must be declared to the Premier.

    3.4.2 Staff members

    Staff employed in ministerial offices must ensure their private interests do not conflict with, or are not seen to be in conflict with, the discharge of their official duties.

    Section 24 of the Ministerial and Other Office Holder Staff Act 2010 requires Ministerial staff members to submit a Declaration of Interests form to their Minister within one month of commencing employment as a Ministerial staff member, within one month of the change of the Minister, and whenever there is a change to the Ministerial staff member’s interests. See APPENDIX 2 (PDF, 41 KB) & APPENDIX 3 (PDF, 24 KB)

    The Declaration of Interests provides details of the staff member’s interests together with the interests (as known to the staff member) of the staff member’s partner and any dependents.

    In addition, staff are required to annually declare their interests no later than 30 June each year. Where there is no change staff are required to submit an “Annual Review of Declaration of Interests – No Variation” form See APPENDIX 4 (PDF, 24 KB) to their Minister.

    Ministers should sign and date all completed declarations following the staff member’s appointment and annually thereafter or upon a change of Minister.

    Penalty provisions

    Staff members who knowingly fail to provide a Declaration of Interests or a Variation of Interests by the due date, or knowingly provide false or misleading information to the Minister, may, upon the advice of the Minister, have their employment terminated by the Director-General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet immediately.

    Disposal of register

    All details of pecuniary interests provided to the Minister shall become the property of the Crown and are not returned to the staff member. Disposal of details of pecuniary interests will be in accordance with the current guidelines for disposal of Ministerial records.

    Completion of the Declaration of Interests

    Directive 2014/01 and the Declaration of Interests Information Sheet outline the interests that should be declared.

    Interactive Gambling (Player Protection - disqualified Persons) Regulation 1999

    Ministerial Staff are prohibited from holding or acquiring an interest in any holder of an interactive gaming licence issued in Queensland. If staff currently possess any prohibited shares or become aware in the future that staff possess prohibited shares, then the shares must be divested within a period of 14 days, at no profit. If not divested within this period, then the shares are forfeited to the State and a penalty may be imposed (maximum penalty $1500).

    An exemption is made to the above restriction in the case of membership of a professionally managed investment or superannuation fund whereby staff are deemed to exercise no discretionary control over the investment strategy of the fund.

    The Regulation also prohibits staff from being a business or executive associate of an interactive gambling licensee.

    If staff have any doubt as to whether shares they currently possess are prohibited shares or not, they should raise the issue with their Chief of Staff in the first instance. Advice may also be sought from the Integrity Commissioner.

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