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    4.10 Political Party Expenses

    Political party expenses are not official costs and must not be paid from Government funds.

    Where an official government activity is attended by a political party member, expenses incurred on their behalf for that activity are allowable if they are primarily for the official purpose and any party benefit is immaterial (e.g. a meal or beverage at a catered function).

    Costs incurred by bi-partisan standing or select parliamentary committees, are generally covered from funds allocated to the Parliament of Queensland.

    Departmental related costs incurred for a Minister’s backbench committee may be official departmental costs. Such costs must be reasonable for the circumstances.

    However, costs for a Minister entertaining a backbench committee are not allowable expenses.

    4.10.1 Political Party meetings

    If a Minister is required to attend meetings, conferences or conventions of a political party in their official capacity as a Minister of the Crown, costs reasonably associated with the attendance of the Minister and any staff assisting them in their official capacity may be charged to the Office of the Minister.

    However, any direct costs paid to the political party in connection with the function (e.g. entry fees, meals, etc) are to be met personally by the Minister and any accompanying staff member. As attendance at political party meetings falls under the scope of Parliamentary business in the Members’ Remuneration Handbook, the Minister can draw on their Parliamentary entitlements as an MP if their attendance at a meeting does not meet the above requirements. However, claims for the same item must not be made under both.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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