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    3.6 Lobbying Contact

    The Integrity Act 2009 is intended to promote trust in the integrity of government processes and ensure that contact between lobbyist and government representatives is conducted in accordance with public expectations of transparency and integrity. Lobbyists and government representatives are expected to comply with the requirements of the Integrity Act 2009 and the Lobbyists Code of Conduct to ensure that all dealings between lobbyists and government representatives are equitable and transparent.

    All requests by a registered lobbyist to meet with a Minister, Assistant Minister, or ministerial staff must be made in writing to the relevant Chief of Staff. This includes requests by any person working for the lobbyist in any capacity other than administrative staff.

    A ministerial staff member (senior advisor and above) may only meet with a registered lobbyist or any person working for the lobbyists with approval of their Chief of Staff.

    Lobbying activity, as defined under the Integrity Act 2009, is to be recorded on a register of lobbyist contact maintained by each Ministerial Office.

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    Last updated:
    5 August, 2022
    Last reviewed:
    5 August, 2022