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    4.9 Partner's expenses


    All expenditure incurred by or on behalf of the partner of the Minister must be for official purposes, eg. where the partner of a Minister attends official meetings, entertainment, conferences and conventions either with, or in lieu of the Minister.

    These costs would also extend to those occasions when a partner may travel separately from the Minister, to attend the same event.

    However, the attendance of a Minister’s partner, when not accompanied by the Minister, at a party political function would not result in an entitlement to have travel costs met by the State.

    Assistant Minister

    The general provisions above, which apply to the partner of a Minister, do not apply to a partner of an Assistant Minister unless:

    1. the prior approval of the relevant senior Minister has been obtained for the partner to undertake official business; or
    2. the partner of the Assistant Minister is attending as a guest of the Minister. In this circumstance, the cost of the partner of the Assistant Minister will be a charge to the Office of the Minister and not the Office of the Assistant Minister.


    Unless exceptional circumstances exist, costs of a partner of a staff member would not be allowable expenditure.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    3 April, 2014