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    Queensland state flags, emblems, and icons

    Queensland's official emblems, including our state flag, badge and Coat of Arms, are all symbols of our identity – who we are and our place in the world.

    The Queensland Government's state emblems booklet demonstrates Queensland's rich and diverse heritage and identity, as well as our vision for the future.


    The state emblems booklet outlines the history of our emblems and the distinctive Queensland features they reflect. It contains information about Queensland's official emblems including:

    • Coat of Arms
    • State flag
    • State badge
    • Animal emblem
    • Floral emblem
    • Bird emblem
    • State gem
    • Aquatic emblem
    • State colour
    • Fossil emblem.

    Read the Queensland state emblems booklet (PDF, 725 KB)

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    Last updated:
    5 December, 2023
    Last reviewed:
    5 December, 2023