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    Indigenous Criminal Justice Research Agenda

    The Indigenous Criminal Justice Research Agenda (ICJRA) was originally developed in response to the first independent Evaluation Report of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement (Justice Agreement). The ICJRA was expanded to provide a mechanism to set the strategic direction to the Queensland Government concerning research into crime and criminal justice research relevant to Indigenous people and communities.

    The ICJRA aims to:

    • provide strategic direction for Indigenous criminal justice research so that Government research is focused on key issues
    • expand Queensland-specific knowledge of Indigenous crime, victimisation and justice
    • provide a sound platform upon which to develop Indigenous justice policy
    • achieve high quality, reliable research within government agencies.


    The following reports were released previously:

    Alternative and Improved Responses to Domestic and Family Violence In Queensland Indigenous Communities (December 2009) (PDF, 489 KB)

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    Last updated:
    21 September, 2016