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    Public Interest Map policy

    The Public Interest Map (PIM) (.doc, 61 KB) is the public sector governance model for improving the relevance, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability for non-departmental government bodies in Queensland (excluding companies and government owned corporations). The PIM policy consists of the:

    There are three fundamental questions within the policy that must be answered when establishing a non-departmental government body to demonstrate that the proposed body is both relevant and efficient:

    • Why have a non-departmental government body? (Threshold Test)
    • If justified, what form should it take? (Organisational Form Guide)
    • How should it govern and be governed? (Good Governance Framework)

    In order to establish any new government body outside a department, a Minister and/or department must prove there is a public interest case (.doc, 79 KB) for its establishment.

    The public interest case must be developed in consultation with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and must address the seven questions found in the three sections of the PIM policy (above) and determine the new body's governance arrangements.

    The development of a public interest case will guide departments/Ministers in determining the new body's function and form.

    Ministers must seek the Premier's approval of the public interest case prior to proceeding with the new body's establishment. The completed public interest case must be attached to the letter to the Premier and, following approval by the Premier, be provided as an attachment to the relevant Cabinet Budget Review Committee submission (if necessary) and the significant appointment Cabinet submission.

    Further information regarding the establishment and review of government bodies, including the policy's application for the establishment of companies, is available in the Queensland Cabinet Handbook:

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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    8 November, 2010