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    Queensland Drones Strategy

    The Queensland Drones Strategy (QDS) has been developed to build upon Queensland’s strengths and leverage the state’s innovation success to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities, complementing the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative. The QDS has been developed through consultation across government, with industry, academia and the general public to ensure the strategy is best able to support the industry now and into the future.

    Our vision is that Queensland is a world-leader in drone technology and application. Our drone industry has strong investment and jobs growth, supported by our world-leading research and development capability, a highly-skilled workforce, and is a place where drones complement and enhance peoples’ lives and support our communities.

    The vision of the QDS is supported by five key objectives:

    • attracting national and international investment
    • increasing industry and workforce capability
    • increasing research and development
    • supporting community-friendly drone policies
    • improving government service delivery.

    You can read the Queensland Drones Strategy (PDF, 7.04MB).

    Flying drones in Queensland

    It's important that all users can pilot their drone safely, considerately and within the rules established by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The advice below applies whether you fly drones for fun, as part of your work or as your own commercial venture.

    Follow the rules

    • CASA's regulations and guidelines are designed to keep you and others safe. Visit their droneflyer website for all the rules you need to know, including location restrictions, line-of-sight requirements, weight limitations and more.
    • Depending on your circumstances, you may need to receive accreditation or register your drone.
    • Check with your local council as they may have additional regulations. Remember to check for local rules if you're flying in another part of the country.
    • Taking photos or videos of private property may be a breach of privacy laws.
    • Be sure to keep your distance from marine mammals, such as whales.

    Fly safely

    • Take the time to read your manufacturer's booklet to understand your drone's capabilities and limitations.
    • Keep your drone in sight when piloting and be aware of your surroundings to prevent accidents and damage to your equipment.
    • Stay clear of emergency situations and let emergency services do their job.
    • Take advantage of training courses and safety apps that can help improve your drone piloting skills.

    Be considerate

    • Be aware of the impact your drone has on the people around you. It's not only considerate to avoid people or populous areas – it's also the law.
    • Avoid using photo and video functions in public and be respectful of others' privacy.
    • Stay a safe distance away from wildlife to protect them and your drone.

    Visit CASA's droneflyer website for more information on rules, training, accreditation and more.

    Commercial users can also visit Business Queensland for more information on the use of drones in a commercial setting, including details on funding programs, training subsidies, licenses required and related laws and regulations.

    The Queensland Drones Strategy consultation paper

    The Queensland Drones Strategy consultation paper was developed as a way to start the discussion on how Queensland can take advantage of the opportunities in the drone industry.

    Public consultation closed on 6 October 2017.

    You can read the Queensland Drones Strategy consultation paper (PDF, 3.87MB).

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