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    Protocol Handbook: A Guide for Queensland Government Officers

    The Protocol Handbook: A Guide for Queensland Government Officers is an essential resource for Queensland Government departments. It provides protocol guidelines for developing stakeholder relationships and effectively delivering government functions and events.


    The handbook contains:

    • information to guide officers organising official functions
    • key considerations when attending official functions
    • guidance on the organisation of official visits by VIPs
    • a summary of Queensland's official emblems and symbols
    • information on the various honours and awards available to Queenslanders to ensure they are recognised for outstanding achievement
    • the Queensland Flag and flag flying protocols
    • the use of the title 'Honourable'
    • the identification of further protocol resources and reference material.

    Protocol contacts

    Protocol Reception: 3003 9253
    Postal Address: PO Box 15185, City East Q 4002

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    Last updated:
    14 January, 2020
    Last reviewed:
    29 June, 2017