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    9.4 Appointments

    By convention a caretaker government should avoid, wherever possible, making appointments of significance in the caretaker period. Factors in deciding whether or not a particular appointment is significant include the degree to which it may be a matter of disagreement between the major parties contesting the election, as well as the position's inherent importance.

    As a rule, significant appointments dated to commence after polling day would not be made in the caretaker period. Appointments which would normally be made after the date of dissolution are deferred until after the election.

    Where it is necessary for a significant appointment to be made during the caretaker period, usually for reasons associated with the proper function of the agency concerned, there are several options available.

    One is that provisions for an acting appointment, where available, are used to avoid the need for a substantive appointment. Another is that a short term appointment, normally of up to three months' duration, is made.

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    18 May, 2016
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