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    9.8 Cabinet documents

    It is a requirement that Cabinet documents are treated as confidential to the government that created them. Accordingly, such documents are generally not made available to succeeding governments drawn from different political parties, except in specific circumstances related to continuity of administration. Refer to Chapter 4.15.5 "Access to past government's Cabinet documents by the present government"

    At the beginning of the caretaker period and in accordance with instructions issued by the Cabinet Secretary, all Cabinet documents previously circulated by the Cabinet Secretariat and held in ministerial and departmental offices should be clearly identified and prepared for possible return to the Cabinet Secretariat for disposal purposes. In the event of a change of government, the outgoing Premier will issue instructions through the Cabinet Secretary about the disposal of documents of the outgoing administration.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
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    17 July, 2009