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    9.9 Legislation

    All Bills that have been introduced in the Legislative Assembly but are yet to be passed, automatically lapse when the Legislative Assembly is dissolved. Likewise, all Bills passed by the Legislative Assembly and awaiting Royal Assent will lapse with the dissolution of the Assembly.

    By convention, the Governor should not proclaim the commencement of any Acts during the caretaker period. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all Bills which are awaiting Royal Assent and/or proclamation receive Assent and/or are proclaimed prior to the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.

    It is possible, where there is a need and where there is no infringement of the basic caretaker conventions, for subordinate legislation to be approved by the Governor in Council during the caretaker period.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    17 July, 2009