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    9.11 Other matters

    It has become accepted that the Premier considers whether any government advertising campaigns, which would otherwise be conducted during the caretaker period, should be suspended or curtailed.

    Campaigns highlighting the role of particular Ministers or addressing issues which are controversial between the major political parties normally would be discontinued. Advertisements promoting rights or entitlements or which are of an operational nature usually continue.

    If necessary, the Premier also considers whether visits to Queensland by foreign dignitaries, involving government hospitality, should proceed. In any case, the dignitaries are advised of the election announcement and any changes in arrangements, including the reduced availability of Ministers.

    The Council of Australian Governments or the Ministerial Councils may meet during a caretaker period. If such a meeting is to be held during this time, Ministers should generally refrain from attending and adopting or announcing policy positions. Where the interests of the State need to be represented, it may be prudent for the Chief Executive Officer or another senior official of the relevant agency to attend in an observer role. If a major agreement is scheduled for discussion or ratification, the Chief Executive Officer should seek deferral of the item of rescheduling of the meeting until after the conclusion of the caretaker period.

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    Last updated:
    18 May, 2016
    Last reviewed:
    17 July, 2009